Thank you GGCC Restaurant & Hospitality members – tipped wage bill in State Assembly withdrawn!

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The Maryland House of Delegates tip credit bill hearing scheduled for February 14th has been cancelled.


GGCC, in partnership with several other local Chambers in Montgomery County and in Maryland, and the Restaurant Association of Maryland, opposed this legislation in the Maryland General Assembly. This legislation, much like the defeated County legislation, would have cost our industry employees and employers significantly.

 Statement from the Restaurant Association of Maryland:

The hearing for House Bill 467, which would phase out Maryland’s tip credit, has been cancelled because the bill sponsor will be withdrawing this legislation. This decision comes after nearly 100 servers, bartenders and restaurant operators showed up at a February 1st hearing in Annapolis to oppose the State Senate version of this legislation as part of our industry’s SAVE OUR TIPS campaign. The Senate Finance Committee heard persuasive testimony from tipped employees and restaurant operators who spoke against the bill. As a direct result of our industry’s strong turnout and powerful testimony, this legislation does not have the support needed to pass this Senate committee.


Thank you to GGCC members for your advocacy!