Legislative Agenda

The Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce will continue to advocate for policies and legislation that create and sustain a vibrant economy. We will:

  • Support legislation to lower the costs associated with doing business.
  • Support legislation to reduce the tax burden on businesses, particularly small and startup businesses.
  • Support legislation creating strategic tax credit programs for high-tech, cutting edge, high-wage, and other industries which the State and County are looking to attract.
  • Support initiatives geared towards attracting the next generation workforce to Montgomery County.
  • Support legislation that strengthens investment in educational institutions to grow a local talent pool that will position our region to achieve further economic growth.
  • Oppose legislation that will constrict private sector growth and development.


  • Monitor Federal relief funding and work with State and County legislators to promote Montgomery County projects.
  • Support increased capacity on I-270.
  • Support and expand MARC Commuter Service, as well as adequate parking facilities for MARC.
  • Support efforts to enhance traffic flow on MD117 to support increased traffic from the Watkins Mill Interchange.
  • Support a State-County partnership to fund and build the Corridor Cities Transitway.
  • Support sustainable WMATA funding.
  • Support County-wide Rapid-Transit system assuming that funding is not diverted from existing transportation priorities.
  • Support efforts to encourage inter-jurisdictional cooperation to solve transit needs.
  • Support initiatives aimed at significantly accelerating adoption of internet broadband access by customers, businesses, schools, and government enterprises.

Land Use

  • Support implementation of the Germantown Master Plan, the Great Seneca Science Corridor Master Plan and the Shady Grove Sector Master Plan.


  • Support workforce development efforts to maintain and enhance the pipeline of highly trained, skilled workers by supporting education programs and facilities in the County.
  • Support funding for Montgomery College and Universities at Shady Grove.

Health Care

  • Support initiatives that expand access to insurance and care in Maryland, including Association Health Care plans.
  • Support initiatives that will reduce overall health care spending.

Covid-19 Recovery

  • Support ongoing financial resources for businesses through City, County, State and Federal initiatives.
  • Support legislation to keep businesses open in a safe manner.

The Chamber looks forward to being a part of a partnership between the private and public sector in implementing these suggested changes and finding common ground to create a vibrant and sustainable economy in Montgomery County and Maryland.