Corporate Sponsorship

The Annual Corporate Sponsorship is one way to support the Chamber in its mission, to serve Upcounty businesses, throughout the entire calendar year.

Together with our sponsors, we strive to strengthen our business community through quality networking events, informational programs, and the ongoing work of an organization dedicated to the business of doing business.

Our Annual Corporate Sponsors are the Business Leaders in our Upcounty Community. This investment is a public statement that:

    • You support your employees’ development
    • You support your Upcounty business community, and the GGCC as its voice
    • You support engagement in the unique Upcounty communities
    • You support advocacy for a healthy business climate and strong economic development initiatives

We are the #GGCC. We are #StrongerTogether, and together we are the #UpcountyEngine.

For sponsorship information, please contact us at

Thank You to Our Corporate Sponsors