Jay Horowitz

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I joined the GGCC to support other local businesses and get involved in the community. I’ve met many great people, including fellow business owners, and we’ve been referring business to each other. I’m now going to date myself: I first joined the chamber back in the Nineties when it was much smaller. It was still the GGCC but was then the “Greater Gaithersburg Chamber of Commerce.” It’s grown substantially since then, and offers lots of great networking events and other activities. In addition to participating in those, I’ve been involved in some smaller groups within the chamber, such as a Direct Connect group and the SOHO group for small businesses.  Membership in the GGCC continues to be worthwhile and people are very friendly. I strongly recommend that local businesses join the GGCC to help grow their business.

Jay Horowitz — Estate planning, business, immigration, and bankruptcy lawyer based in Olde Towne Gaithersburg