GGCC Non-Profit Cluster Meeting Held

Gaithersburg, MD – Thursday, March 7 – Recently the Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce (GGCC) created a program – the Non-Profit Cluster – to provide support to its non-profit members. The Non-Profit Cluster is network of non-profits, foundations, business partners and individuals dedicated to supporting GGCC’s non-profit members by becoming a resource to each other, a voice for the community and by raising the awareness of the important role and work of our non-profit community.

“We are very proud of our non-profit group. It is a great way for the Chamber to give back to the community by providing an opportunity for our non-profit members to share ideas and knowledge to help them achieve their missions. It is a great group,” said Marilyn Balcombe, GGCC Executive Director.

The group meets monthly to gather and share best practices, discuss common concerns and find ways to partner so that each group increases the value of their unique offering while creating a stronger and more effective local community.

Today, the group met at BlackRock Center for the Arts in Germantown to hear Laurie Levy-Page’s, BlackRock Director of Marketing & Communications, presentation on How to Market an Event on a Budget.

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Below: Chamber Members gathered at BlackRock Center for the Arts for the Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber’s Non-Profit Sector Meeting: How to Market an Event on a Budget presented by BlackRock’s Director of Marketing & Communications Laurie Levy-Page. Pictured are Jheni Libongco, ARC of Montgomery County, Laurie Levy-Paige, BlackRock, Therese Lampe & Allison Anderson, Manna Food Center and Alicia Dinwiddie, 300 Shady Grove Bowling Center.

The GGCC is active in providing business-to-business networking opportunities throughout the year: a collective voice in local, regional, and state legislative affairs, professional development opportunities and other services that enhance the business environment.

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